PRESENT: J Hall (Chairman), L Baggett, J Batchelor, M Hateley, E Philcox and J Tribe - Karen Parnell Clerk – Three members of the public were present.
Note : The District and County Councillors were asked not to attend this meeting due to Covid 19 restrictions. Their reports are included within these minutes.

Co-option of councillors on to the parish council took place and Emma Philcox, Melanie Hateley, Liz Baggett and Roz Wyles (in her absence) all accepted office. They will forward their DPI Financial Interests to SDC.

Cllr Jackie Hall was appointed as chairman


Not required


Resolved a true and accurate record.


• Neighbourhood Plan Progress
On completion of the (Reg.16) consultation process, Stratford District Council (SDC) submitted our NP to the External Examiner.

We are very pleased to announce that the detailed, painstaking work, developing the NP and supporting evidence, undertaken over the last four years has been accepted by the Examiner, with only minor amendments to the plan recommended. Powerful community support was also demonstrated, with over 80 letters being forwarded to the Examiner. We as a community will now have an opportunity to vote to accept our NP in a referendum scheduled for May 2021.

Following a successful referendum, our Neighbourhood Plan will be officially recognised, meaning that all subsequent planning decisions will have to take our wishes, as expressed in our NP, into account.

It will also mean that our NP Reserve site will take preference over the other proposed sites, for example the Spitfire site behind the Nashes, as the nominated reserve site.

Although this is a successful outcome, it doesn’t mean that we have yet been successful in fighting off development, which if it was allowed to go ahead, would prove hugely damaging to the character of our Parish, and the quality of the environment we all cherish. There are still a number of arguments we will have to win before the money hungry pack of developers, who currently stalk our village are successfully banished. For example, SDC Planning Department still maintain that the land behind the Nashes doesn’t flood. Whereas, they claim that our NP Reserve site is subject to flooding. We need your continued support, collecting firm evidence to prove our case. Therefore, please continue to forward any photos and other evidence you have of flooding around the village to the PC’s new email address council@ccmpc.uk
• It was questioned if the steering committee is still operational or another one needs to be formed.

Flooding remains a major issue for our community, causing stress, damage and expense to a significant number of us. As you will remember, kind volunteers, from the village, worked to clear the ditch by the side of the B4631. Their work has definitely improved the flow of water away from the area around the Nashes which is prone to flooding, however the drain, identified by John Taylor as being almost completely blocked, is still blocked. Despite many emails, phone calls and Cllr Brain’s best efforts, Warwickshire County Council has still not undertaken the
work required to unblock the drain. The PC is therefore asking for volunteers to re-form a Flood Action Group to help formulate and action an antiflooding strategy. If you are willing to help, please email us at council@ccmpc.uk

Village Hall:
Report to the Parish Council from the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee September 2020.

The Trustees are working to re-open the Village Hall as soon as possible. We have been carefully reviewing the guidance published by the Government along with specific guidance provided by Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) and WRCC based in
Wellesbourne for Village Halls.

The Trustees have decided the following conditions will apply to the Village Hall:

Only the Main Room and Toilets will be in use. The kitchen and small meeting room will not be available.

Maximum number of persons in the hall at one time 30 (including the organisers)

Hand sanitisers will be provided and must be used before entering and leaving the hall and face coverings must be used unless involved in specific activities, e.g. exercise, eating/drinking, singing.

The Main Room, all toilets hard surfaces and equipment including tables and chairs will be contract cleaned before each use

Setting up of chairs and tables when needed, must be done by the user and only equipment provided by the user and in the main room should be used.
Access to the Kitchen will be subject to special conditions of use.

To manage the strict cleaning routine, normally there will be only one user in the building each day.

There will be no equipment for hire (gazebos, tables and chairs, cutlery and crockery etc.) until further notice.

The Trustees have decided the following conditions will apply to the Recreation Ground:
The Recreation Ground Play Equipment was available from Saturday 4thJuly. It is important
that everyone abides by the Government’s recommendation for social distancing. The following guidelines are displayed on the Recreation Ground.
Covid19 Guidelines: Please use this play equipment safely.

• This play equipment is only for Children of 14 or under

• Only one family group or bubble should be on the equipment at any time and must be supervised by a responsible adult from the group

• You should limit your interactions with people outside of your household or support bubble (if applicable) as much as possible

• You should continue to follow strict social distancing guidelines, particularly ensuring you are two metres away from anyone not in your household or your support bubble

• You should take hygiene precautions by washing your hands for at least 20 seconds as soon as you
are home, use hand sanitiser when you are out.

All the regular users have been contacted and made aware of the new conditions of hire. The take up has, so far, been slow. To date only three groups have responded positively with a view to starting to re-use the Village Hall in September/October. We have been successful in gaining two grants to support the costs incurred in re-opening the hall. These grants will
enable the Management Committee to subsidise the costs of cleaning until the end of the financial year. Further sources of support are being pursued to provide support into the New Year. The Trustees will continue to monitor closely the Government’s notices and changes in advice regarding village halls and recreation grounds.
I would remind the Parish Council that due to the recent resignations of Parish Councillors
there is currently no Parish Council Representative on the Village Hall Committee. I will
continue to report to the Parish Council until such times as a representative can be appointed. The next meeting of the Management Committee is on October 19th 2020.
Les Moseley,
Chairman, Clifford Chambers Village Hall and Recreation Ground Management Committee.

• Storage of documents
Google Suite is now in place for ease and continuity.
A new generic e mail address incorporates all parish councillors.

• Adult exercising equipment
Cllr Hall to liaise with Charmian Evans regarding the equipment.
Costs of circa £ 10,000 are likely. Interest has been shown by residents and this would not
Take up much space. PC support subject to successful grant application.
Item deferred until November PC meeting pending applications for grant funding.

• Future meeting dates agreed as:
16th November 7.45pm, 18th January 7.45pm, 15th March 6.45pm (Assembly/AGM) 17th May 7.45pm, 26th July 7.45pm and 20th September 7.45pm

SDC Cllr Manuela Perteghella :
District Councillor Report September 2020
As I wrote in my previous report, I have proposed a motion related to planning on 13th
July, which asks that technical guidance notes are drawn and published for Class Q,
which is a form of permitted development which was introduced in 2014 and which
allows the change of use of certain buildings from agriculture to residential use. The
Cabinet has asked for a report to be produced by officers for consideration by the
Overview and Scrutiny Committee, following which, to be reported back to the Cabinet. I
will give you an update in the next issue.
The Annual (virtual) council Meeting, postponed from last May, will happen on the 16th
September and this is where membership of several committees is decided, with ward
members nominated, appointed and if applicable voted in. The new Chairman of the
Council will also be elected. I will let you know on which committees and panels I will sit
for this year.

Elizabeth House (SDC offices): The Reception has reopened to the public, and is
open between 10 am and 2pm each day. Masks/face coverings need to be worn as per
government guidelines.

Business Rates Grant Relief Scheme
The Council has paid the grant to nearly 3000 businesses in the District, under the
Small Business Grant and the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Grant Funds. The
Business Rates Grant scheme ended on 28 August 2020.

Proposed Planning changes
One of the most important issues which will affect our District in the years to come is the
government’s new planning proposals. The government is right now consulting on two
proposals to completely reform the planning system. One is on current planning rules,
and the other is on the future overhaul of the whole planning system. Under the
proposed future reforms, land will be put into one of three categories or zones - for
growth, for renewal or for protection. Planning permission would be automatically
granted for developments in the ‘growth’ areas (subject to certain criteria). A
‘presumption in favour of development’ will affect those areas under the ‘Renewal’ label,
areas which therefore are suitable for some development. Development would be
discouraged in the ‘Protection’ zones, such as national parks and areas of outstanding
beauty. If these reforms get voted through, the local planning authorities would be
asked to produce a new local development plan which must be in place within 30
Policy would be set at national - rather than local – level. There are other issues in the
proposals, including replacing the Community Infrastructure Levy and S106 payments
with a national levy, centrally imposed housing numbers, and a move towards a digital
planning system. As you would imagine, these plans have already caused some
concern to various organisations.
As your ward member, I feel very strongly that we must ensure that any future change
to the planning system puts local participation at its heart, and that communities
continue to have the right to shape the future of their local areas.
The planning consultations are on the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local
Government website. The consultation on changes to the current planning system
closes on 1st October, whilst the consultation on future reforms ‘Planning for the future’
closes on 29th October.


Site allocation Plan (SAP)
The Preferred Option of the SAP 2020 is currently being produced and should be
published for public consultation later in the autumn. Once this is due for public
consultation, I will be able to submit my formal representation as ward member, and all
residents in our ward and other stakeholders will be able formally comment on the sites
identified. I have supported the Parish Council’s comments in relation to the updated SHLAA during the informal stakeholder engagement in August, and will work together with the Parish Council in due course when the public consultation is open.
The Possible Future of the District Council
Following the government calls for council reorganisation in their forthcoming White
Paper on the future of local government structure, and its preference for unitary
authorities, Warwickshire County Council commissioned a report with options and on
27th August the report was presented to the WCC Cabinet. This report makes the case
for a single unitary authority. This report is now published on the County Council
The 5 District/Borough councils, including Stratford District Council, have commissioned
their own report to look at all the options, including two unitary councils (North
Warwickshire and a separate South Warwickshire unitary). I will update you about the
findings of the Districts’ report, which should be published at the end of September. I will
also investigate what these possible changes of District and County into a unitary model
would mean for parish councils in my ward.

Finally, besides being appointed by my group as Shadow Parish Champion, I’m also
Shadow Tourism and Economic Development.
Cllr Manuela Perteghella Manuela.perteghella@stratford-dc.gov.uk 07870 488071

WCC Cllr Mike Brain:
Virtual Meetings

It’s worth mentioning , that I still keep fully in touch with my 5 Parish Council’s and 2 Parish
Meetings either by Zoom , WhatsApp or emails . I attend WCC meeting similarly and my work
load has not reduced and in fact has increased in certain areas. With Planning (Highways) Speeding
and Social Needs being at the top of the list.

If you or someone you know either young or elderly requires my help on any meter or signposting
to another agency, then please let me know. They might be just lonely having been isolated for
such a long period and need someone to talk too. Again I sincerely thank those volunteers in
the community especially the essential and NHS workers who no doubt are our Unsung Heroes in
this unprecedented crisis . Thank You.

Barn Close

I have received and sent a significant amount of emails from residents and Warwickshire County
Council Officers regarding a blocked and collapsed culvert in Barn Close. Unfortunately WCC and
Severn Trent have concluded, that the problem is with private owners , although WCC have cleared
and jetted the location as a gesture of good will, but this doesn’t resolve the issue of flooding in the
long term.
Back in 2015 I worked closely with the Parish Council and WCC Officers, which brought about a
full survey of potential flooding locations in Clifford and an application for a grant to have a
significant amount of flood mitigation measures in various locations in the village. The grant
was successful with the work scheduled for 2020/21, although I believe Covid-19 will have delayed
these works. The cost of these works is estimated to be in the region of a 7 figure sum.

County Councillors Community Grant Scheme 2nd Round 1st to 27th September 2020.

The second round of the County Councillors Grant Fund launched 1st September, with a closing
date of Sunday 27th September, 5 pm.

All information, including the online application form and guidance notes are available via the link
below and, as all local JSNA's have been completed, this round will include projects that are able to
meet some of the key critieria that have come from these assessments (link to JSNA's included on
our webpage). Continued support to COVID-19 projects/groups will also be considered.

As this is the second round, I have limited funds and groups will need to refer to WCC website
for details of funds available.


Unitary Authority

This will be fully debated at WCC Full Council Meeting on 22nd September 2020. This is a
controversial subject which will divide not only political parties but also councillors. Personally I am
not a supporter of a Unitary as I believe services should be managed locally and not remotely
from Warwick, but I will hold my council until I know more and after the Government’s White Paper
on devolution is published, which is now believed to be in October.

What is devolution?

Devolution is the transfer of power from central government (the UK Government) to national,
sub-regional and local governments (such as the Scottish Government, the Greater Manchester
Combined Authority, Cornwall Council). The term can also be used to refer to the transfer of power
from local government to town and parish councils and/or community groups. For us in Warwickshire
it could also mean scrapping all District and Borough Councils and running all services from Warwick.

Covid-19 Are you as confused as many are? For the most up to date advice and restrictions.
Please refer to www.gov.uk Coronavirus COVID - 19 - Information.

Here is the latest WCC Cabinet Covid- 19 Approved Recovery Plan 10/09/2

Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet approves Council’s Covid-19 Recovery

Warwickshire County Council’s ten-point Covid-19 Recovery Plan was approved at today’s meeting
of Cabinet as the council moves towards the next stages of its recovery from the social and
economic impacts of the pandemic.
The Recovery Plan reflects the immediate action taken by the County Council to address some of
the more urgent impacts of the crisis.  These have included grants being made available to businesses
to help them continue operating, food packages being made available to the most vulnerable residents
as well as the new way of working of many county council staff as new technologies offer greater
scope in where and how staff serve the people of Warwickshire.
It also captures some of the adaptations that the council has made in how it operates which have
worked well during the pandemic response – stronger partnership working across the public sector
and increased community participation and volunteering are foremost among them. As well as
responding to Covid-19 immediately and in the short-term, it is the blueprint for how the Council
will work in the future.
Previously, following the initial stage of response to the crisis, three reports were approved by Cabinet
in June, covering the overview of recovery approach, place shaping and economic recovery.  The
updated Recovery Plan moves this forward, identifies priority areas and lays out a course
of action across the following four workstreams:
• health and wellbeing, adult social care, children’s social care
• economy, place and climate change
• education and community recovery
• organisation and (county council) resources.
These have been driven forward by cross-party member working groups and regular engagement
with partners including district and borough councils, the LEP, NHS, the Voluntary and
Community Sector and Police.
Ten priorities, all of which align to the objectives of the current Council Plan, have been identified.
These are:
• Contain the virus and promote physical and mental health and wellbeing;
• Maintain resilient sustainable services;
• Help children and young people catch up on their education;
• Harness power of communities to tackle inequality and social exclusion;
• Support businesses and grow the economy;
• Stimulate job creation and skills;

• Invest in regeneration and a sustainable future;
• Tackle climate change;
• Develop our people and future ways of working; and
• Deliver high performance by harnessing digital, data and making the most effective use
of resources.
The Recovery Plan is flexible and takes into account the rapidly changing environment and the
need to respond to the course that the virus takes.  Its impact will be monitored using a
new framework, with adaptations being made on an ongoing basis, responding to what the data shows.
Measures to demonstrate success will include the consistent reduction of cases of Covid-19
and associated deaths, a stable care market which copes with demand, children completing a
full academic year without any impact on their results, greater numbers of residents supported
to improve their mental and physical wellbeing with increased partnership with community
groups addressing local priorities.
Measures being considered to demonstrate economic recovery include more people at risk
of unemployment being helped to find work, increased numbers of businesses being supported
to safeguard jobs and adapt with increased involvement in training, and an accelerated delivery of
capital works and infrastructure projects to drive growth in housing, business and town centres.
The commitment to tackling climate change will be measured by a reduction in CO2 emissions,
increased biodiversity and tree planting, and greater investment in sustainable travel. Among measures
to address inequalities will be the promotion of the County Council’s Welfare Scheme and
financial inclusion work while a Warwickshire Food Forum to co-ordinate activity to tackle food
poverty across Warwickshire and ensure access to food for the most vulnerable will be established.
£24m investment funds, set up in the Medium Term Financial Strategy, have been allocated to
support the short-term recovery priorities.  A revised Council Plan will take into account the
actions coming out of the Recovery Plan and its financial implications and will be presented to
Council in February.
Cllr Izzi Seccombe, Leader of Warwickshire County Council, said:  “While this is a Recovery Plan
and takes forward our aims as we move forwards, we are still in response mode to the global
pandemic and that has to be the main focus of our immediate action.
“But while we will continue to be vigilant in our ongoing response, the County Council and our partners
are looking to the future - post Covid-19 - and take some of the learning and the positives from
recent months as we address the new risks and threats that we face. Similarly, the plan
scrutinises where things have not worked as well and what needs to be done to fix that.
“It’s important that we stress the positives because, in many ways, the recent months have shown
the best of Warwickshire.  Communities have pulled together and the numbers of people volunteering
has risen tremendously. We have also worked closely with our partners across the region and
these strong relationships will be maintained and built upon. These are excellent foundations
for recovery.
“The way we live and work will never be quite the same again. But we will use this recovery plan
as a springboard to ensure we continue to make Warwickshire the best it can be.”


Consideration will be given to future formal or informal planning meetings and involvement of the
public therein.

Application(s) reference: 20/00641/TREE
Proposed : G1 - lime x2 - Reduce in height from approx 17metres to approx 9metres
At : Palings, Clifford Chambers, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 8HX
For : Mr Stuart Wyles

Application(s) reference: 20/00982/FUL
Proposed : Retention of domestic oil tank serving dwelling
At : Riverbank House, The Close, Clifford Chambers, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8HS
For : Mr & Mrs S Wright

Application(s) reference: 20/01075/FUL
Proposed : Proposed remodeling and extension to form new hall, porch first floor bedroom.
Part demolition of existing garage and construction of new garage with office above.
At : Aaron Leys, Clifford Chambers, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 8AA
For : Mr & Mrs Lane

Application(s) reference: 20/01313/FUL
Proposed : Replace existing pool building with a building for ancillary acommodation
At : The Laurels, Clifford Chambers, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 8HX
For : Mr And Mrs Abell

Application(s) reference: 20/01473/FUL
Proposed : First floor extension to side.
At : Coppers, The Close, Clifford Chambers, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8HS
For : Mr Andrew Lambert

Application(s) reference: 20/00587/FUL
Proposed : Removal of garden shed and erection of timber garden room.
At : Garden Cottage, 43 Clifford Chambers, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 8HX
For : Mrs Lisa Collins

Application(s) reference: 20/01473/FUL
Proposed : First floor extension to side.
At : Coppers, The Close, Clifford Chambers, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8HS
For : Mr Andrew Lambert

Application(s) reference: 20/01913/FUL
Proposed : Proposed refurbishment and replacement rear extension
At : 45 Main Street, Clifford Chambers, CV37 8HX,
For : Mr M Foskett

Application(s) reference: 20/02001/FUL
Proposed : Demolition of existing dwelling. Erection of replacement dwelling to incorporate existing barn. All associated works
At : Leys Farm, Clifford Chambers, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 8LA
For : Mr And Mrs R Girling

Application(s) reference: 20/01972/FUL
Proposed : Erection of single dormer bungalow (amendment to design approved under planning permission 16/01860/FUL for bungalow"A") part retrospective
At : 4 Stour Field Close, Clifford Chambers, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 8EE
For : Mr Raymond Woodley

Application(s) reference: 20/01927/FUL
Proposed : Retention of 1092 square metres of block-paved hard-standing to the north
eastern area of the Stratford Garden Centre.
At : Stratford Garden Centre, Campden Road, Clifford Chambers, Stratford-upon-Avon
CV37 8LW
For : Mr Paul Southern Whitacre Garden Centre Ltd

Application(s) reference: 20/02097/LDE
Proposed : Property has been used solely and exclusively as a residential property since 10.04.2010
At : Shottery Cottage, 19 Willicote Pastures, Campden Road, Clifford Chambers Stratford-upon-Avon
For : Mr Victor Doyle

To consider a donation to St Helen’s Church – Agreed at £ 500.00

Allotments – Some tree works have taken place and the need to inform allotment holders of
the limitations of what works can be completed within a conservation area will be communicated
to allotment holders. It was noted the SDC website is a good source of advice.

The composition of the Allotment Committee needs to be established.

To approve payment of following accounts:

Clerks salary and expenses (To year end)£2760.00
The Cygnet Fund£75.00
Internal Audit (Kenneth Dunn)£60.00
Barry Saunders (Website)0
Lawns 2 Mow£540.00
Lawns 2 Mow (To year end)£2700.00
Mike Hill Graphics£144.00
Avon Planning Services£450.00
AT Oakes (Website)£84.24
St Helen's Church£500.00
Precept 50%

Dialogue between the PC and public was considered.
The PC will create a risk register for the parish.
Cllr Baggett will lead on putting together a PC article for the newsletter.

Next meeting Monday 16th November 2020
Items: To be notified to clerk before 2nd November 2020
Meeting closed 8.40pm