Wild About Clifford

Wild about Clifford was set up in April 2017 and already has more than 60 members.

Our aim is ‘to enhance the natural environment of Clifford village for the mutual benefit of people and wildlife’ and membership is open to all in the parish and is free.

Although the group is new it has grown out of the annual village Apple Day that has been running since 2009 – raising in the region of £6,000 which has been re-invested in village facilities and community events. In its first year Wild About Clifford raised more than £4,000 and this has been spent on, or is committed to, our various projects.
These include:

1) to successfully re-introduce hedgehogs into the village

2) to erect bat boxes to support our six bat species identified in 2017

3) to plant wildflowers, especially English bluebells, around the recreation ground and other spaces.

The Apple Day continues to be our flagship social occasion but we also run at least four social events through the year – usually BBQs or breakfasts to accompany a wildlife walk.  So please sign up, get involved and have some fun.

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Our dream is to buy some land, plant some woodland and swim with otters in the Stour! One day . . .

Contact Trevor Acreman tel 01789 204562

email trevor.acreman@gmail.com